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UK Schools and Colleges

Contact swtschools@outlook.com

We are always seeking new schools who may wish to benefit from such activities.
Any fund-raising they are able to do is also much appreciated.

If you know an educational institution which might be interested please contact Mr Andrew Lowe, our Schools' Co-ordinator on 01937 834361 or send an email to: swtschools@outlook.com

We will be delighted to arrange for a speaker to come to the school or college and give a brief talk (with powerpoint if appropriate) at assemblies, in the classroom or to any group of students, pupils, staff or parents. We also have leaflets, newsletters and copies of the Sylvia Wright Story on DVD which can support follow up lessons if the school/college so wishes.

Examples of support:

Rangammal School for Deaf Children in India now produces a monthly Newsletter (with many fascinating photographs). This is made available in either hard copy or via email to schools on request. It is a very colourful and useful resource for schools and sponsors.

A photograph of Rangammal School pupils and staff taken in 2011 is available. Some schools have framed copies on display.

Further information is available to schools on request.

Our UK supporting schools also receive the SWT Newsletter during the academic year initially by email. The latter is a good means of sharing the newsletter as it allows whole-school access. The Newsletter can also been downloaded from this website (See Home Page). Multiple copies are available on request. Again, please contact Andrew Lowe.