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The Hospital

Sylvia started her work in India by buying a van and operating it as a mobile clinic. She opened her first hospital in 1985 and this was replaced by a new hospital in 2002.

In 2017, following a significant improvement in Government medical provision (including a large new hospital in Tiruvannamalai) Sylvia withdrew from medical services to concentrate on her other 3 major projects: Rangammal School for Deaf Children, The Florence Nightingale Nursing College and the new Integrated Education & Therapy Centre for severely disabled children.

Sylvia bridged the gap
Sylvia, understandably, felt some sadness at this inevitable development but also a great relief that this major aspect of her journey has reached a successful conclusion. She has successfully bridged a gap in medical provision for thousands of poor, sick and disabled people for 35 years. The Hospital was finally transferred to a group of Indian doctors who ensured the smooth transfer of all the staff and their continued employment.

For the record:
At her hospital, outpatient clinics were held daily and over 80,000 patients attended each year. Sylvia also provided a 24 hour medical service 7 days a week.

Particular areas of interest included preventative medicine, ante natal, cardiology, diabetes, kidney problems, rheumatology, physiotherapy and paediatrics. The hospital was also the government supported centre for HIV/AIDS diagnosis, counselling and treatment covering a population of 1.3 million people. 1500 Government nurses and 100 doctors were trained by Sylvia's staff in this field. The centre was awarded a Grade A rating by the Tamil Nadu government.

The hospital had, at one time, 220 beds on a 12 acre site and extensive facilities. These included 2 operating theatres, 19 dialysis machines, a CT scanner, X Ray and endoscopy machines, together with a pharmacy and a blood storage unit.

The Cardiac clinic had an Echo machine, ECG, and a treadmill;
Total staffing was over 280 including 10 doctors and 120 nursing staff. A number of consultants visited at least one day per week to hold clinics in their speciality. Sylvia insisted that all patients were treated with love and respect and while most paid a little towards their treatment, the poorest were treated free.

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