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Tamil Nadu and India

lady builder

India has a population of 1.4 billion, around 20 times that of the UK. The state of Tamil Nadu, where Sylvia works, has a population of 72 million.

Steady progress has been made in improving living standards, health and education over the years. Conditions vary, however, as in most countries.

Sylvia s projects are sited in a relatively poor agricultural area which has little industry. Her projects serve the medium sized town of Thiruvannamalai and the many, small, surrounding villages.

Most people still live simply, in very small houses. Possessions and equipment are meagre and incomes are low.

Needs have changed over time and Sylvia has adjusted her services accordingly.

Today, her focus is on disability of various kinds, where there is still much work to do. As she says  Our work is very demanding, with numerous difficulties but many rewards. The more work we do, the more needs are uncovered. Nevertheless, marked improvement is seen in the health and wellbeing of the people we serve.”

Sylvia says: Demanding work for the people of Tamil Nadu.

Some interesting facts: