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Education & Therapy

Disabilities are common among children in the area where Sylvia works
They include Cystic Fibrosis, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Downs Syndrome and much more.
Until 2017 Sylvia ran two day centres, each looking after 40 children and each having 5 staff. Sylvia said: “The children come from very deprived backgrounds and have no other opportunity to develop and learn.” No charge was made to the families of the children. There is a short but most informative and moving video on YouTube:
Enter - Sylvia Wright Ray of Hope -    or CLICK HERE

The Facilities


The two centres were borrowed, rent free; they were simple, old and limited. One centre was a church hall (see photo above) and the other was an outbuilding at a college. Play and learning materials are provided as well as some very basic physiotherapy equipment.

The Day

The centres were open 5 days a week. The children were transported from their villages, using whatever transport was available, with a number of the children needing wheelchairs. In 2014, supporters in Yorkshire provided the funds to buy this new bus for the children to get them safely to and from their homes in scattered villages.


Day centre


day centre

A wonderful, new Integrated Education & Therapy Centre in 2017

After long deliberations and fund-raising, the new day centre has been designed and built for the disabled children in Sylvia’s care. Building started in January 2016. On 15 March 2017 (World Disability Day) the new Integral Education and Therapy Centre (IETC) was inaugurated with a Hindu ceremony and Christian blessings. The Centre, in the grounds of the school, will accommodate 100 children with a range of disabilities including cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis and other mental and physical difficulties. It has been designed to provide space, light and colour and a stimulating environment. There are 9 classrooms (some with sensory, music and art facilities) and also a physiotherapy room. Each classroom has:
• its own toilet
• shower facilities
• outside play area

There is also a small therapy pool – a wonderful facility for disabled children. The dream has now become a reality although there is still work to do on physiotherapy and hydrotherapy equipment, wheelchairs and furniture. Landscaping and a special playground (vital for the development of children with mental and physical challenges) are in progress.
When fully open in November 2017 it will be a marvellous service to the children and their families in the absence of any other worthwhile provision for their care, education, therapy, development, dignity and happiness.

The Centre has been championed by Miss Lee Morgan, an osteopath
from San Francisco, who has been raising money in the USA and India as well as working on its design and set up. Lee has been visiting India for more than a decade to work with local children.

Specific UK donations also supported the project, topped up by a legacy. Several West Yorkshire Rotary Clubs are funding equipment.

The staff in all Sylvia’s projects contribute 1% of their salaries. All other costs are met by the Sylvia Wright Trust in the UK.

Please contact Angela Clark (tel: 0113 26677 660) if you would like to sponsor one of these disabled children. Their education and care costs about £20 per month - truly amazing value for what is achieved. The costs for a deaf child at Sylvia’s boarding school are higher (about £40 pm). Again, their achievements far outweigh their costs. Sponsors give what they can afford.